By The Almondista

Say Hi to nutty happiness!

Hey there! Wanna try something different instead of the classic boxed almond milk with only 2,5 % almonds ?

Then Meet The Almondista. Your fresh almond milk on demand. 

Made only with Italian almonds our paste is milled in a special way that makes the creamiest almond drink. Easy peasy: No need to soak almonds for hours or strain the milk. Just add 1 or 2 spoons of the Almondista with 1 cup of water, blend and drink. 

And the best part is that you are in control. Mix it up until it's just right for you. You can adjust flavour and sweetness, your milk, your way!

Fresh almond drink ready in no time.

Good for you, good for Earth: Choosing our almond drink is good for you and the planet. One jar makes up to 7 L of almond milk, cutting down the amount of carton boxes we produce.

So why wait? Grab your jar now.