By The Almondista

With the Ninja blender you can make the Almondista drink in second

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We love this Ninja blender in the Almondista kitchen. A part of being a super strong blender that can cut and chop all your veggies it's also the perfect blender to make super creamy Almondista drink in seconds. With its capacity, you can prepare sizable batches of almond drink and store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. Simply ensure to shake it before each use, as the absence of emulsifiers in the Almondista drink may cause heavier particles to settle at the bottom, resulting in separation. A quick shake ensures it's ready to use without the need for blending again.



  • No sticking, stirring or shaking
  • 6 AUTOMATIC PROGRAMMES: Mix, crush, blend, purée, shred and PowerMix. 
  • Includes: Ninja Power Nutri Mixer 1200W (EU plug), 400 ml bowl with power paddle, locking lid, 700 ml cup with spout lid, hybrid edge blades, 2.1 L container with lid, total crushing blade, dough tool.